Simplifying Agriculture with valve, valve automation and specialty PFF solutions

The agriculture industry is a tough business that delivers real wear and tear on the materials utilized in the agriculture process. Sunbelt Supply carries multiple products and offers services utilized in this rugged industry.

For your difficult valve applications, we offer manual and automated valves specially designed for slurry and/or agriculture applications, including not only gate, globe and check valves for noncritical applications but also knife gates and metal seated ball valves for more demanding applications. We can offer valves with tungsten carbide or other HVOF (high-velocity oxygen fuel) coatings to maximize the service life and performance of their internal components to keep your mine running and producing. We also offer complete vertically integrated automated valve capabilities to minimize cost savings for our customers and can provide finite element analysis (FEA) on our automation hardware to give our customers the peace of mind of knowing our automated valve packages are up to the task of giving top performance in any high-torque demanding automated valve applications.

Sunbelt Supply is Your #1 Source for flow control solutions.

Severe Service / Metal Seated Ball Valves
Knife Gate Valves
Diaphragm Valves
Butterfly Valves

Multiple Material Body & Trim Grades Available
High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Abrasive Resistant Coatings Available

Mining Solutions

We carry one of the largest and most diversified inventories across North America.